My name is Kimberly Dawn and I'm a Class 1 Master Flight Instructor with international certifications in Aviation Training Management, Advanced Instruction and Virtual Classroom Instruction. Its easy to say that Im flight training OBSESSED!

how it all began...

Advancing Aviation was a born out of a NEED to change flight training.

I find it utterly unbelievable that if a pilot wants to make a career out of aviation the total cost near the end will be around $100,000 and they are taught by the most junior pilots in the industry.

If someone wants to pay $100k to become a doctor or lawyer, they are taught but the best and brightest minds in the industry and then paid for their work during years of mentorship.

We live in an entirely backwards industry that hasnt really changed since WWII....

Until now.

Ive changed the game.

Gone are the days of paying too much for confusing training where students are almost entirely left to their own devices and most flight test recommendations are tense because both the student and instructor are "HOPING" the student passes. That is done.

Im on a mission to make flight training easier and cheaper. When flight training gets easier = its more fun = students learn more in less time = they pay less for their licenses = the school and flight instructor gain reputations for better pilots at less cost = the flight schools and instructors get more students = they get more money and if the entire process is easier and cheaper and more fun....we can actually allow more people to learn how to fly.

I pledge to ...

  • ... make sure you feel valued. Customer satisfaction is the foundation of Advancing Aviation.
  • ... help you score higher. 100% of instructors who have been recommended by Kim for their flight test have passed on their first attempt. 
  • ... maximize your training. Kim's teaching techniques help you USE the knowledge you read— and build actual skills.
  • ... make learning enjoyable. Humor is a major component that distinguishes Kim’s Style —and makes the learning process more memorable and more enjoyable.
  • ... treat you with respect. No loopholes, no surprises—we'll never abuse your trust. There's no fine print, no tricks. Never!

Now dont those sound like great reasons to join us?

Come join the vision...easy, cheap, fun flight training for ALL!

What People are Saying about Us....

Yes, I’m really enjoying my experience with this’s very different to most others in the way that it’s leader is present and driving the show.

Kimberly is extremely focused and is big on self improvement. She studies and learns from the ‘Greats’

and we are fortunate enough to become the receivers of hundred of hours of priceless research.

All of these learnings she applies in helping us be better aviators.That’s a lot of discipline and dedication, a reflection of someone who cares and is kind....

Her teaching style has more human factors in it than the stuffy encyclopaedia style txt book approach.

She has an ability to simplify the complex which very few people can do well.

I could rave on and on..she has no issues having difficult conversations and we all know where we stand.The live videos show a real reason with a wealth of knowledge highly qualified in aviation and most importantly in teaching aviators.

She is ambitious has charisma is not mono toned and pays a lot of attention to her teaching style for our benefit.

I’m really grateful to Kimberly and people like her who put in 100%

The group has a cool vibe,I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe it’s while most of the world is in COVID mode this group is simply getting on with shit,it’s a very positive empowering vibe


Members are using their own experiences to help each other, and have extensive experience’s pretty awesome.

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