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Kimberly Dawn takes on a few personal flight instructor candidates a year.

To apply for training with Kimberly you must be a Canadian Commercial or Airline Pilot.

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Kimberly works with flight schools dedicated to Excellence who are looking to increase quality, safety, and sales.

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"Kim - I just wanted to let you know that I just passed my Commercial check ride! I'm feeling confident and eager to get started on my CFI journey with you and the other Top Instructors. I love that the group keeps me accountable and your daily videos keep me on track

Thank you for your mentorship and for bringing together this kick-ass community of aviators."

- Cynthea M from the United States of America

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Kim and everyone on here. I passed my grade 3 FIR test on Wednesday (Australian flight instructor)

Thank you Kim, for all the videos and posts on this pages its been a huge help in achieving this.

-Michael B from Australia